In between words and intimacies

If these were the last words you say to me

would they be words

of endearment

of passion

of hatred

of anger

of betrayal


of disappointment

Would you spend hours thinking about our time together

days hours minutes seconds

of madness

of love

of partnership

of fights


of drug induced escapes

Would you phrase it with precision and craftswoman-ship

Or would you blurt out

the obvious redundancies

I am tired of listening to

I would spend hours thinking it through

place special importance on the way

your taste             your smell               your quick deep breaths

lingered in my memory.

What would you do?

173 of 365

‘Carry me with you
to the better world
don’t leave me behind
and alone,’ I say.

Her shut lids,
her blue dress
glared back at me
from the wooden coffin.

Mute or angry
a typical response.
Oh Granny,
Why did you leave me now?

Her frail body
unnerving to see,
I remember the
choices she lived by.

She bought my first drink,
taught me to ride a bike,
She designed my tattoo,
taught me to cry.

I never believed
that she would leave,
despite her illness
and old age.

Now, she’s gone
there remains no one to say.
‘Oh Jia,
stop smoking your life away.