227 of 365

Thunder and lightning


raw and clear,

my dark shadows

also disappeared.

Dangerous path

to the top;

unsafe, lonely

frightful, it was.

Everyone scattered

hiding from their fear.

Stranded alone,

I stared at the

steep road ahead.

Skeptical and decisive.

Definite and unsure.

I know not

what awaits me,

on such a haunted,

hunted path.

So, I left fear and

fear of failure,

at the bottom itself,

and walked on.


Hint from: Magpie Tales: 188

192 of 365

Her blood stained eyes

stared at the map

on her lap.

She had charted

out a course,

to take her away,

far away,

from this tiresome place.

She couldn’t fix it,

or even herself,


she didn’t like to pretend.

So she got up and left.

It will pass, I encouraged.

But she knew the abyss

would last if she stayed.

The place she was,

it wasn’t a passing place.

It wasn’t a phase.

Her worry wasn’t misplaced.

So, she left without packing.

She left without saying goodbye.

She left without a plan

to return,

or ever come by.

I didn’t get to say bye,

But I was happy she did go,

I cannot lie.

She needed new spaces,

and new faces.

And new things to do.

She needed to be free,

She needed to think,

She needed to be

anywhere else,

but here with me.

Prompt from The Mag: Mag 183