330 of 365

She stood

with a gun in hand

dressed in anger,

cloaked in fiery red,

tired of waiting,

ready to shoot dead

who resisted, who refused,

determined to get her way.

327 of 365

She stood by the door

looking his way,

war like and child like, at once.

The attitude was for him.

But he stood by the window

glancing away,

arrogant and loving, in one breath.

The remnants of a fight

waged last night.


324 of 365

Circle of life

I made the same promises

as the year drew to a close;

cut myself some slack,

try unusual things,

and travel more.


I carry with me

those known fears,

familiar wounds of the past,

heavy and loaded hopes, desires and dreams

that weigh me down,


the niggling thought that: some things don’t last.

With expectations to the brim

A refreshing year is to begin;

But I seem to have ran a great circle

and met myself at the start.

Familiar scenery,

repetitive incidents

and glorious love affairs

have sturdy roots that are never gone.

‘But what is new about this year?’

the years passed question.

I have no answer

as I pin my hopes

on the unknown.


what could possibly change

when my habits won’t.

323 of 365

In the secret places inside her head,

she made too much noise.

She trudged uphill along the rows of trees;

speaking to herself aloud.

Intimacy haunted her.

It brought her to life.

Distance wrecked her

and it put the pieces back.

‘Have I lived this more than once?’

she thought as stray goats grazed around.

Here and now; there and then; over and over again.

With doubts piled up,

she rode the uncertainty wave, frivolously,

without grace, elegance or class.

She dealt with it as only she know,

as only she could.

For it was her emotions that were at stake.

308 of 365

I only heard the sounds;

they were full of pain.

The collision, the clamber

and the clutter in my mind.

The holy trinity

was anything but divine.

I didn’t feel a thing

anymore. For I was used to

the constant gnawing.

Aren’t you?

You must function differently,

less inside your own mind, I trust.

But I rage within.

Against myself the most.

302 of 365

Should I neglect

these truths?

For I feel

I am different

not special;

just unlike usual.

Unusual isn’t really

a good thing.


I am part broken,

part whole.

Many ghosts haunt me.

All the time.

Not from the past,

or the future.

Just unacknowledged

ideas of me.