About four months ago, a cat adopted me. She was a feisty, meowing brat. She would stand outside the door and meow till you opened it. And of course only consume meat (chicken/fish). It was adorable.

Soon I was pretty certain she was pregnant and she wanted to not leave the house. I began to sit up corners where she would give birth. One late night or early morning she went into difficult labour but gave birth to three beautiful kittens. The kittens then spent the next eight weeks blossoming under her protective and affectionate care.

I watched as she fed, cleaned and looked after them for a few weeks. Then she encouraged them to play with her careful and artistic (not) tearing up of the box they were in. She nudged them to play with each other. She left them unattended for a few hours and then attended to them oh so carefully. As they continued to grow, she brought them pieces of chicken from her bowl. Yelled to get their attention and then watched them eat. For a while, I felt like she had begun to eat less.

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When they began using the litter box, she would climb in with one of them and kick to show how to cover the litter. She pounced and played with them, teaching them how to cat.

It was a glorious process to watch. One I filmed a lot and one I shared with others.

Watching her parent her kittens left me in awe of how beautiful it all was. It brought renewed joy and wonder to my life. I wanted to wake up each day to see what new things she would do. Even as she was attentive to her kids, I noticed how she took time for her self. Came alone to spend time with me.

Every new toy they got, they played with it for hours. Sometimes alone, sometimes with me. Each morning I woke up to a mess in the outside room. Books strewn on the floor (off the table), litter box a full mess and of course some cardboard box has been murdered. It made me smile that they were awake, playing and happy all night. It made me grumpy to clean up of course.

It reminded me how much we learn when we observe. Just like the kittens learned to cat by watching their mom, I learned a lot about love, life and play by just watching them.


I wonder how they find me.

I wonder how they fill my life with this much joy.

It is amazing how much you receive when you put your heart out there, open and willing to love. I am grateful for these past few months of looking after four cats.

Two of them went off to their forever home yesterday. Kit (mommy) and Spot (white with ginger spots) are here with me as we begin our journey together.