309 of 365

She and I never agreed on this. She believed we couldn’t agree.¬†Our arguments, thus, were always the same.

‘How is it possible? We are different people!’

‘So you are telling me no two people can ever experience something the same way?’

‘Exactly! How I see the people is tweaked to be different from how you see it.’

‘That I agree. But how can this be true for other things?’

‘My experience of this ice cream sundae for instance is coloured with my previous experiences of eating ice creams with other people. The songs I listen to create different imagery in my head than yours. The books I read have an unique effect on me. The movies I watch create emotions in me specific to me.’

‘This is absurd! Then, no one can ever speak or say something without it being restricted to one person alone.’

‘True! I definitely think so. I cannot and will not speak with authority on how you feel in a situation, react to a scene or see any person. For you and me bring our own distinct baggage into the frame. The incident or person is probably not even how I imagine them to be.’

‘I don’t think I see your point.’

‘Don’t think or you don’t?’

I stared at her quirky, sure smile. Is this indeed possible? Is everything we see, hear and experience subjective?

‘Can I never be objective then?’ I asked.

‘I don’t see the need to be objective. I find subjective interpretations more powerful and lasting.’

‘I don’t agree with you.’

‘I don’t expect you to as this is my interpretation.’

She was still smiling while I continued to wear a perplexed look.

‘Why would you want two or more people to see life the same way?’ she asked.

‘Wouldn’t that be easier?’

‘Easier, yes. But less interesting and highly impossible.’

I changed the topic awkwardly till another time when a similar rerun of this argument came up. Her stance remained the same.