228 of 365

Great magic and hope hides

in bookstores. See

not the ones in malls.

But ones with personality.


The ones with creaking shelves,

and cracks of light seeping in.

With romantic corners of old classics

for sneaky couples to hide in.


The ones that tell a story,

or if you are lucky many stories.

Stores that you prefer

to even your home that is cosy.


The ones that fill you

with a great desire,

to sit down and scribble

till you collapse tired.


Stores full of potential

and inspiration.

I hope to own one, though

a library it must be.


Stores isolate many, here

Not a soul will be turned away,

poor or rich, straight or gay,

but they must read and write, everyday.


It sounds like a dream,

maybe it will never come true,

till then, we could all just visit

stores and libraries,

to fill us with immense hope.