Blog and the writer

The writer currently lives in a space between reality and an alternate universe occupied with pixies, fairies and female superheroes. Her everyday work involves working on women and child rights. She writes to make sense of this complicated world.

This writer escapes into the enchanting world of books ever so often. Her obsession with well constructed sentences can be seen at Obsessed with words

A while ago this writer realised that she thought about writing more than she wrote. This blog started as a challenge to write everyday and rectify that laziness. The challenge was just the beginning.



“I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one can live.” ― Anaïs Nin


7 thoughts on “Blog and the writer

  1. Hi! I just read Self care 101 and A letter to my struggling self. As someone who is currently in the midst of her third depressive episode, I could identify easily. I am an anxious person too. Love your writing style. It’s simple and clear. I shall try to be kinder to myself.

    Subscribed. Say hello if you have the time!

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for reading. I am glad you could relate. So many of us out there who feel similarly. ❤ do share your blog link. I am not able to see it through the Gravatar profile.

  2. Also I see that you work for Child and Women’s Rights. What are your thoughts on the Juvenile Justice Act? It’s been on my mind. I’m not sure which side of the debate I’m on.

    1. Heyy. I have serious problems with it 😦 it’s not been thought through and this new legislation, I feel, will do more harm than good..

  3. Hi Srinidhi,

    My name is Mrinalini and I recently started working in the non-profit sector in Delhi. I read your piece on your experiences as a sex-educator in Agents of Ishq and I (not-creepily) found my way here. I am very passionate about issues relating to gender and want to eventually work in the sex education sphere. I was wondering if you mind guiding me or at least give me more information about your work. Please send me an email at I would love to get some insight from you!

    Thank You

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