Some mornings I wake up bright and early. I cook, have a shower and settle into my chair by the window sill. I can hear the birds, mostly crows, calling out to each other. ‘Hello!! It is morning. Take in some of this goreous sun.’ Their calling is soothing. Opening the windows and drawing back the curtains allows sunlight to greet me, my bed. The warmth is my friend. Sunrays give the best hugs. It is a quiet moment of me in the world; yet it is one of just me.

My cup of tea and whatever book I’m reading then beside me. Today it is Rilke. I turn to him in moments of chaos and silence and let his words wash over me. In his words, ‘There is much beauty here, because there is much beauty everywhere.’

In this mad city, I often miss the quiet of the mountains, the less stress, the no traffic, the no-honk life. A stillness. But today, I feel content in this beauty around me. I hope to keep finding the beauty in the everyday quiet.