Dogs, peace and mental health


Recently a colleague looked at my pendant and said, “why is there a peace symbol there along with the symbol of the dog?” I politely asked her if she ever had a dog. She shook her head.

In that moment I thought of the last 10 years with Layla. I have written about my relationship with her before, but never about how she has helped with my depression. I have been drawn by her ability to calm my breathing and anxiety, to anchor my self, to be my safety net, to replace fear with her presence. But importantly to fill me with warmth when I’m full of despair. Even today, I close my eyes in those moments of darkness and I see her glowing, warm eyes. I remember how much she loves me and how much I love her. Suddenly I can take on the world again. Until the next moment. She is always around with her warm body and wet nose. I wonder how I survived the depressive spells when she wasn’t a snuggle away.

I couldn’t tell all this to my colleague, unfortunately. I just told her, Layla, my dog, gives me peace in this chaotic world.

The past few months have been terribly difficult. I couldn’t have managed without her magnificent eyes and gentle ocean of love.

#dog #love #mentalhealth #depression #sanity


2 thoughts on “Dogs, peace and mental health

  1. More and more research is coming out about the benefits of pets on our mental health. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been depressed. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I am glad that Layla has been there for you. My cats were crucial in helping me back in 2012 get over the break up of my long term relationship. If you ever want to chat, do email me. Xx

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