336 of 365

She had an ache to save people from sinking situations. Either that or she was just very good at it. She went about life trying to find a way to stop. When she realised she couldn’t, she decided to become a lifeguard. It was a marvellous idea she thought. Oceans have tonnes of idiots who think they can take on the waves. They are bound to drown. She could save them. But it didn’t turn out that way. There weren’t so many idiots; she was left craving to save people.

Her urge to save people who were sinking had led her to many many destructive folk. It was a trait she wanted to change by making saving people her profession.

When the lifeguard idea failed her, she became a bartender. A 6-month course on cocktails and she landed herself a job tending to people from behind the bar. It was satisfying. People would come to her depressed and demand a ear. She would lend it willingly.

This suited her fine till she realised she couldn’t really save these people who came to her. She just helped them momentarily. This frustrated her and the attraction to destructive people began again.

One day, she sat at the bar near her single-room home thinking of jobs that would suit her needs. Unfortunately, she kept striking out.

In that moment, ready to give up, she wondered if she was the one who needed saving. In the need to rescue others, she escaped her problems. It was in reality this escapism that fed her. That kept her alive.

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