329 of 365

There was a bitter aftertaste with a tinge of happiness. I couldn’t place a finger on it. I never realised it, but there was most likely tonnes of people feeling exactly what I was at this moment. It is a probability based on the several million people inhabiting this planet. Many of them happy; others sad; many lonely; others angry. But what about a sense of loss? It is a mixture of happiness, sadness, loneliness and anger which eventually goes away. At least fades into the background.

But no one had truly prepared me for how I felt when I found a piece of this past.

It dawned on me that I hadn’t quite moved on as I anticipated.

Do I cry?

Do I laugh?

Do I smile?

Do I dispose it?

Do I hold onto it?

I just set the cuff links aside and walked away from the memories. They had stirred a part of me I had imagined I put to sleep.

3 thoughts on “329 of 365

  1. You can never walk away from memories. You can make new ones and hide the old ones perhaps, but the old memories shall never go away.

    Bitter truth, but you need to deal with it. I do, every single day.

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