329 of 365

There was a bitter aftertaste with a tinge of happiness. I couldn’t place a finger on it. I never realised it, but there was most likely tonnes of people feeling exactly what I was at this moment. It is a probability based on the several million people inhabiting this planet. Many of them happy; others sad; many lonely; others angry. But what about a sense of loss? It is a mixture of happiness, sadness, loneliness and anger which eventually goes away. At least fades into the background.

But no one had truly prepared me for how I felt when I found a piece of this past.

It dawned on me that I hadn’t quite moved on as I anticipated.

Do I cry?

Do I laugh?

Do I smile?

Do I dispose it?

Do I hold onto it?

I just set the cuff links aside and walked away from the memories. They had stirred a part of me I had imagined I put to sleep.