328 of 365

We walked together. Sunrises captured. Hand in hand. Keys lost. Destination not in sight. Armed with zeal and excitement. Train, plane and bus trips taken. Many genres of books read. Comfort learned. Roads travelled. Movies watched. Often forcefully. Mountains climbed. Jobs abandoned. Kilometers covered. Known territories lived. Varieties of dishes tried. Laughter lived. Each day. Unknown lands conquered. Nomadic lives to be explored. Sunsets seen. Sandy beaches walked. Discomfort abandoned. 

I didn’t think of us as a we. I didn’t like we. We didn’t think of us, mostly. But when I wrote about us, there was no other way to say it but by using we. Did you think of us that way?

2 thoughts on “328 of 365

  1. More often than not the other person in the ‘we’ is not aware of what is being written.

    Many people interpret it to be themselves, but only the one who writes know who it is. Makes them feel powerful I guess. Atleast I do.

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