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322 of 365

He refused to stay still. Stay silent. Be calm. Be patient. Remain stable. Be dependable. Or pretend that being frivolous or not being any of these was a bad thing. He charged without feeling like it was a risk. A risk it was. Not a leap of faith; a dare devil leap with no surety of a landing. Forget a smooth one. Jumped from Neverland to Wonderland, Wonderland to Someotherland. Moved constantly. Not like that rolling stone we hear of. Just mindlessly, scrupulously. Without a clue. Wanderer, migrant, loose were the kinder words attributed to him. He shrugged them off and continued on his often misguided path. He stuck to his ruthless game. Yes. A game he played well. So well that he had puppets and they called him Master.


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