301 of 365

She inhabited the land alone. Until they met.

It was a beautiful space where everything instantly made sense. She hid there. When dealing with life got tough, she hid in the bathroom till the cocoon wrapped itself around her. Then, she resurfaced. Fresh and new. Masked and ready to get on with life.

The pattern was set in stone. Until they met.

He peeled the cocoon to see her vulnerabilities. She let him get close enough to smell her fears, to taste her passion, to see her faults and to breathe her insecurities. He saw it in detail but didn’t want to leave.

Life was an easy terrain to conquer. She marched on determined. Until they met.

He forced bad habits to the fringes and attempted new patterns in her life. She resisted for long. Though infuriated, he persisted. Bristling with optimism, he nudged her. Assured that she would eventually give in completely. She fought back fiercely, defensively.

She was unwilling to let down her guard. Until they met.

He was forceful, yet gentle. She was stubborn, yet yielding. He was kind, yet volatile. She was free, yet caged.

Their faults were always amplified.

Until they met. Each other.