290 of 365

I walked towards the lighthouse in quest for a guiding force. The signs weren’t enough. I needed more.

I made excuses for myself. For quite a while. I dunked my head in water to drown my mind.

Head heavy with water, I emerged. To find everyone had left. It was like a calamity. No living being in sight.


I set out again towards the lighthouse. Hoping for direction this time. The fog was yet to lift. I impatiently waited.

The roads ahead of me diverged. I couldn’t, wouldn’t choose. Each seemed worse than the other.

I burrowed my head, like an ostrich, waiting for the crisis to pass. It didn’t.


I wanted somebody else to make the choice. Hence, I looked towards the lighthouse. But they shouldn’t. Not even a random lighthouse should have such pressures.

I needed to just wait. For the fog to lift. For the water to drain.