284 of 365

The alarm rang. It was 3.37 am. I loved the strange ring to the time. I didn’t want it to be a figure anyone would understand. I timed it perfectly. I fiddled under the bed to pull out the axe, marched over to the balcony and climbed into the adjoining one. I climbed in through the window quietly. I sneaked up on the still body, pulled back the sheets to get one last look at her before I ended it all. To my surprise, someone had beat me to it. There was a bullet hole in her forehead. I ran out of there quickly. As I jumped out the window again, I noticed the time. It was 3.43 am.

I couldn’t even call the police or tell anyone what I saw. No one would believe I didn’t do it. Though, I didn’t have a gun. I never found out who killed her. Nobody would tell the truth. I couldn’t believe someone else wanted her dead as well. That too on the same night.

It was just a freaky coincidence. Or so I thought.


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