274 of 365

‘I don’t know much about you. Do you like snow or do you prefer the rain? I’ve always preferred the rain. Though the gutter water mixing with the rain water was always a tad gross.

I don’t know if you like it when your eyes meet a stranger’s across the room and you smile fleetingly? There is magic in that moment for the world dissolves enough for you to focus all the positivity from within to share a smile at a stranger.

I don’t know if you like coffee or tea? Do you smoke or drink scotch? I don’t know if you prefer books or movies based on books? If it is one way, it could be blasphemy and I am not sure that I would handle that well.

You don’t know much about me, either.¬†Were you wondering all this too?’ I asked.

‘You said more about yourself in the questions you asked than you realise,’ he replied.

He listened closely and read enough between the lines.

I just smiled.

‘So tell me more about yourself,’ he said with a laugh.