273 of 365

S pictured a tragedy in slow motion.

H imagined the end would be a comedy.

Together, they imagined two separate lives. Two different worlds. Yet, ironically, they lived in one. Under one roof in fact. Their heads, egos, passions and intensities collided every now and then. S was adamant and H arrogant.So, they argued. They tore sanity to shreds each night as the world went to sleep. The next morning, their minds had reconciled with their bodies and eventually they drifted in the same orbit for a while. Patiently following the other or silently looking on till another meteor struck.

H lived in hope that the shocks would end.  S felt the tremors grew closer together over time.

In disagreement, they lived in harmony.

The world watched on. Deluded by the outwardly romance.