270 of 365

I sometimes want to do a jig in the middle of the street. I cannot dance to save my life. Added to that, I am scared of standing in the middle of the street. The traffic, people, cows and what not. I was always taught to walk precariously on the fringes of the road. Avoiding eye contact with everyone and silently getting by. So a part of me wished to defy the norms and standards set in my life. I wanted to do whatever pleases me in the moment. Right now, I wanted to dance to a crazy song playing in my ears. No one could hear but everyone, mostly, would look twice in my direction. At least. I didn’t want the attention. But I didn’t want to fear it.

I could dance right? No. I couldn’t. Of course I could.

I didn’t dance though. I just stood alone in the middle of the street. Smiling. One tiny step at a time.