268 of 365

A feeling that most of us believe in other worlds and in the possibility of some of these worlds are fiercely evil took over me today. It is a different matter altogether that this realisation dawned on me in the middle of watching a superhero movie. I turned to my friend during the movie and said, “Why aren’t any of these humans ever surprised when an alien spaceship crashes or strange creatures start shooting at them? They just start running in the opposite direction like they know trouble has landed.” Before she could respond, I said in high-pitched excitement, “We all believe in outer space creatures!”

She laughed and we went back to watching the movie.

But I couldn’t shrug off the thought. So many of us go to watch these movies, read these fantasies, watch these TV shows. It is a bit about entertainment and even a bit about ‘getting away from all things real’. There just has to be something more to it. What makes us connect to these superheroes and their mostly immortal lives?

I have always leaned towards the belief that we aren’t the only species in the universe. This mostly comes from the fact that I imagine the other worlds are more fun and when I tire of this one, I will move to another planet. Or at least take a vacation there.