264 of 365

I don’t think I like slowness.

I live life at such a pace that I lack slowness. To relish the journey. To refrain from hatching out answers, solutions. I could use the time to breathe in a fresh sunrise. To stop living in the future and holding onto the past. But these words I think, I don’t necessarily believe. I reach out to slowness unwittingly sure it won’t engulf me. But when it does, I feel trapped and fight to break free of the drudgery. To escape back into the cycle of questions with quick answers, problems with easy solutions.

I perhaps need slowness. Even if I don’t like it.

Maybe there is a way to acquire it? Slowly?


4 thoughts on “264 of 365

  1. I crave for a slow life. My life has ALWAYS been like a wild roller coaster ride that refuses to stop. I’m used to it now, but I definitely would like to slow down.

    Someday maybe, we can exchange lives 😀

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