260 of 365

She couldn’t believe her luck. Or the lack of it rather. The confusion filled her up and she fought for clarity. She liked clarity and control. Currently, it was all she lacked. It was being stripped away from her, both willingly and unwillingly; this irked her. She wished she could fix it. But fix it how? She would never again feel like the same person after this was done. But life was beautiful that way wasn’t it? Only living in this confusion was too much for her. She hated the discomfort and hated feeling helpless. The fact is that she would have loved a phone call with her future self to find out how life actually turned out. Suppose there would be no fun in that. She would perhaps, most certainly learn zero lessons. The trouble lay in the conflict of wanting to know anyway. But she needed to ‘live out the confusions until they became clear‘.

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