255 of 365

No and me had a torturous relationship. Similar to the one that yes and me shared which was unpleasant to say the least. I don’t know and me were the best. So comfortable, so safe. So non-committing. It infuriated everyone and comforted me. Pick a side, they said. Make a choice! Stand by your word! Stop hanging around on the wall. The wall, though, felt clear of strife and conflict. Sometimes courage mixed with stupidity allowed me to pick one side. After numerous occasions of choosing the wrong team, unwittingly, and winding up at the raw end of the situation, I allowed the tumultuous and controversial bonds to persist. They thrived in the confusion and the reluctance.


6 thoughts on “255 of 365

  1. I often feel that the middle ground is a legitimate stand in and of itself. Trying to bring differing strains together is far more productive than picking a side. Sometimes it takes great courage to reclaim the middle ground.

    1. I thought this post was rambling by a crazy person. You understand.

      I agree. But sometimes I forget 🙂 Your articulate comment makes perfect sense. Thanks.

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