252 of 365

I have ranted about this before but I don’t think I am ready to shut up entirely yet.

I am terrified to read the comments in most articles. Some tweet threads can be scary, too. There is just so much spite, hatred and malaise there; it makes me uneasy. Uneasy that we are willing to dismiss each other’s opinions so easily. Uneasy cause we have not been taught how to dissent well enough. Uneasy that all this anger is being shielded under free speech.

The responses, often, aren’t articulate counter replies (which I have no problem with). But, instead allegations and abuses are hurled at each other. What defines one’s identity is marred. It forces many to retreat and feel ashamed. We seem to not be able to establish any dialogue with each other. With language like this, I cannot imagine civil discussions. Forget intellectually eye opening ones. We have become so frigid and rigid in our beliefs that reason, logic or even merely another’s opinion don’t matter. It is disturbing for me to imagine a world where everyone speaks but no one is really talking.

I am developing a blanket policy not to read comments on articles online. My poor heart is incapable of handling the brutal blows humans are dishing out to humans in these “free” spaces.

Maybe my civil refusal to engage in dialogue is as bad as the other side that yells obscenities. I don’t know.

6 thoughts on “252 of 365

  1. I know what you mean. Often I almost reply to comment in a thread, but then I scroll down and glance at all the venom that is being spewed and decide to just hold my peace. And I often wonder whether that is a productive response at all. *sigh* Sometimes I have to hold myself back from joining in on the mud-slinging.

  2. That doesn’t mean you stop commenting on my post alright 🙂

    I totally get it, some people just spew all their frustrations in their comments and at times I just unfriend/unfollow those people immediately. The thrashing gets unbearable at times.

  3. Even I’ve said this before, that I strictly maintain two reading lists. One is labelled ‘Must Reads’ and the other is ‘Must NOT Reads’. I always read the ‘Must Reads’, and just to be sure there isn’t anyone else in the ‘Must NOT Reads’ who might be moved to the other list, I read that too.
    And then I ask myself, why am I feeling depressed?

    The blanket policy will be breached if you really are a reader.

    1. And that is my problem. Blogs also I can manage. Even if they don’t suit my sensibilities. But the name calling and anger that exists in comment sections are terrifying. But I know what you mean. I have said this many times and I still scroll down to read. Giving myself heart burn.

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