250 of 365

I remembered that day we rode back in the pouring rain. I was riding in torrential rain today. My glasses got wet and foggy and I couldn’t see the road. The dirty water washed my feet and I got grouchier. But as the rain got heavier, I drifted slowly into a tightly held, cherished memory. We were soaked on a ride back home. Yet we laughed to our hearts content. We even cursed but in the happiest way possible. We must have rode nearly 15 kms that day. You were always a safe rider. But the rain was torrential and I couldn’t see ahead of us. You rode slow, and brought us home safe. I wonder how we managed it without stopping even once. Maybe it was the warmth we had inside us from the many drinks we shared. But it was all worth it. That memory is a reflection of our deep relationship. It shows me how in crisis and we are together, I can still laugh it off. You’ve always had that uncanny ability to crack me up. Today’s pouring rain wasn’t half as pleasant or memorable. It could be the missing alcohol or just you or both. I wish you were here.¬†Fortunately, I have this memory and many more to keep me company. On rainy days and others.