239 of 365

“You are just too sensitive,” he said.

Five words strung together that till date derailed her completely. She had no effective way to respond to him. No rebuttal seemed strong enough. She had heard it several times. Mostly it was used like an abuse. She had given up attempting to defend this over-sensitiveness of hers. She nodded and smiled, now. She didn’t think she really had the energy to explain why she was this way. It seemed to be a way to demean how she felt. No one ever seemed to call out the brash, rude and really cold people with the same condescending tone as the one used to make her feel five inches tall for displaying emotion. She know she was not alone in this sensitive world.

She didn’t respond to him. He proceeded to use it every time she argued with him regarding his preposterous behaviour.

He eventually labelled her a tantrum queen.

She stared at him and said, “You are like sheep.”

It was the only retort she could manage.

She banged the door shut as she walked out. The door to that relationship remained shut. It wasn’t always that easy. Sometimes the people making the same statement meant more to her.