231 of 365

A pair of black, thick rimmed glasses were on the floor of the train in the aisle of my seat.

Who abandoned their glasses on the floor, I thought. Someone must have dropped it, accidentally.Β I picked it up and placed it on the tray table, sat down in my seat. I plugged in my mp3 player as the train began to move. Its pace picked up and I sunk into the comfort of my music and chair.

Several songs later, I opened my eyes to notice the glasses were on the floor again. I picked it up and placed them back on the tray table. They probably fell when the train braked I thought. I went back to my music. I had a two-hour long journey ahead of me. I can easily catch a little sleep. I must have drifted off for ten odd minutes. When I woke up the glasses were on the floor. I placed the glasses, again, on the table; this repeated for a while till I decided to get away from them in order to not be bothered by them anymore.

I moved a few seats away to a window seat and collapsed into it. The music went back to colouring my thoughts. A while later, my phone buzzed, indicating we were a little outside Brussels. I got up to move towards the nearest door. I passed the tray table where I had placed the glasses. To my surprise, the glasses were neither on the table nor on the floor. I knelt to look under the seat and under the nearby seats. The glasses were not there. I was the only one in the entire compartment. Who took them? The glasses weren’t mine; I didn’t wan to take them. But I couldn’t fathom their sudden disappearance.

The train halted and I rushed to the door to get down. Cool breeze washed over me, the music went back to lifting my soul. Yet, I couldn’t forget those black, thick rimmed glasses on the floor of the train. Where did they go?

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