223 of 365

Finally, one morning I realised I needed a pet. I was lonely in my large house in Rowland, ┬áMakuchips. So I went to the pet store a few kilometres from home. I had to pick between many wonderful animals: a monitor lizard, a water snake, a dolphin, a paired rat, lobsters and a dinosaur. It was difficult at first but finally I realised a dinosaur would suit me best. The dinosaur wasn’t too big and could be walked on leash the store owner said. He was brown with a red face. After I made my decision, I was handed a list of dos and don’ts. Unfortunately, this particular dinosaur was too afraid to be left alone. He caused massive damage to furniture and inevitably dirtied all the sheets. I understood that feeling too. Though, I had managed to live alone for several months together, I had also gained a few kilos from the comfort-eating I indulged in. My fridge would never be complete without 3 jars of Nutella spread. So I decided to take him. Our personalities matched and I knew this would be fun. But the list did not prepare me for what was in store. After little thought, I named him Dino. I had loved the cartoon as a child and thought it suitable. Dino snored through the night. In order to sleep in the same room, I bought a walkman which would play me soothing classical music all night. The music drowned out his snoring till I fell asleep. Once I was asleep, just like Dino, I couldn’t be woken up by anything. For the first week to settle Dino, I took leave from work. He got used to the space in our house and began to regulate his sleeping and eating. Eventually after our mini-vacation, I took him to work. Before that, I bathed him and put a beautiful pink bow on him. My colleagues spent the entire day fussing over him and he basked in all the attention. Everyone brought their kids to work so Dino fit right in. He played in the break room with the children and scared them when he fell asleep in the corner. No one had heard snores that loud!

As Dino grew older, he grew fond of being alone as well. So he split his time between my office break room and the house. He would refuse to leave the house when he wanted to stay in. This allowed me to spend time at work without being worried about him. But too late at the office and he left me a nasty surprise at home. It was his way of punishing me for ignoring him.

It was nice to have Dino around. Even if he snored loudly.