219 of 365

I have been reading a range of books lately: Graphic novels (Embroideries by Satrapi), Poetry (Lots of Emily Dickinson), Fiction (Kundera) and non-fiction (Irom Sharmila, Khairlanji, Fundamentalism, Ethics in Journalism). I have also been writing quite a bit. Both on this blog and in my books. I enjoy reading a range of books. It is calming, liberating and opens my world view. It also shows me good writing. When I asked around for suggestions on ‘How to improve my writing’, I was always told, write, write, write and read better. For I do think there is no right way to write. I feel writing everyday like this and reading consistently on the side is helping me develop my writing. Of course, I do know there is a long way to go. But I couldn’t be happier that the process has been started. If each day I cannot sleep without writing in this tiny space that I call my own, I feel it is a good place to be. After all, engaging in your passions can never be bad. And I am truly passionate about both reading and writing.

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