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210 of 365

I have lived in Hyderabad for most of my life. Yet, I don’t know the city well. I cannot write about it intimately. I cannot reveal locations, hideouts and stories that a resident of many years must do with ease. To put it simply, I have a superficial relationship with the city. It is a charming city, obviously with faults of its own. But like all cities it has a distinct character. I know it even less than some other cities I have had fleeting relationships with. I wonder why I haven’t tried to explore it.

But I understand I need to change that. I wish to visit and revisit the famous tales marking the city over the ages. Listen closely to the whispers of older residents and find the branches of the city. I want to observe closely the nuances in the city; to learn the lines that shape it; to discover myself as I discover the city; to unravel the absurd secrets; to see what the city conceals for all of us. For I know that each city has a character of sorts which further brings out certain characteristics in me as a resident; I hope to seek and learn both.


4 thoughts on “210 of 365

  1. I can only share this sense of camaraderie when you mention the relationship you intend to have with the city in contrast with the one you currently have.
    I share such a relationship with Delhi, and even my hometown Shimla. I too wish the same, but it cannot be planned. I know it will be a whim.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. why tho? why must it change? why do you think what you know about the city is superficial versus what the others know? and what is the city – the ground below, the surface tensions, the sky above, the abstract painted inside you?

    • The streets, the corners, the old beautiful buildings, the lesser known eateries, the strange stories about the city 🙂 I dont know.. it feels very superficial..

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