210 of 365

I have lived in Hyderabad for most of my life. Yet, I don’t know the city well. I cannot write about it intimately. I cannot reveal locations, hideouts and stories that a resident of many years must do with ease. To put it simply, I have a superficial relationship with the city. It is a charming city, obviously with faults of its own. But like all cities it has a distinct character. I know it even less than some other cities I have had fleeting relationships with. I wonder why I haven’t tried to explore it.

But I understand I need to change that. I wish to visit and revisit the famous tales marking the city over the ages. Listen closely to the whispers of older residents and find the branches of the city. I want to observe closely the nuances in the city; to learn the lines that shape it; to discover myself as I discover the city; to unravel the absurd secrets; to see what the city conceals for all of us. For I know that each city has a character of sorts which further brings out certain characteristics in me as a resident; I hope to seek and learn both.