204 of 365

I want to walk on the road without being called sexy, beautiful or chori. It is not asking for much. I want to return home late at night without fear of being assaulted. I think it is only fair. I want to voice these concerns without people telling me I am overreacting. It is not asking for much. I want to not have a stray arm frisk my body, unasked. It is after all my body.

I want to feel safe. I want many, many things. But these are a few and I am certain, I am not asking for much.

Yet, I find that I have to dilute my wants. I have to be politically correct when I discuss this with people. I have to defend these basic wants. I have to justify that I didn’t in fact do anything wrong. I was only walking on the roads. I was dressed appropriately. I had done everything I could.

No. I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t want to, have to, be careful. I don’t want to, have to, make a checklist of do’s and dont’s.

I don’t want to.

I don’t.


2 thoughts on “204 of 365

  1. Yes, no one should have to live that way, in constant fear of what lurks in the open (and it is ridiculous to even say ‘lurks in the open’, what kind of thing does that?). Yet, this is how it seems to be today.

    On a different note, because my eyes first went to the last, spaced out short sentences, here is something that I was immediately reminded of from that. (I hop it makes some weird sense to you too 🙂 )


    Have a nice day!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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