204 of 365

I want to walk on the road without being called sexy, beautiful or chori. It is not asking for much. I want to return home late at night without fear of being assaulted. I think it is only fair. I want to voice these concerns without people telling me I am overreacting. It is not asking for much. I want to not have a stray arm frisk my body, unasked. It is after all my body.

I want to feel safe. I want many, many things. But these are a few and I am certain, I am not asking for much.

Yet, I find that I have to dilute my wants. I have to be politically correct when I discuss this with people. I have to defend these basic wants. I have to justify that I didn’t in fact do anything wrong. I was only walking on the roads. I was dressed appropriately. I had done everything I could.

No. I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t want to, have to, be careful. I don’t want to, have to, make a checklist of do’s and dont’s.

I don’t want to.

I don’t.