193 of 365

She woke up with a start. She didn’t bother brushing her teeth or combing her hair. In her over-sized white tee shirt and loose tracks, she ran out of the house. She didn’t drink water or even wear comfortable shoes. Just took the house keys and wore slippers she used at home. She ran down the stairs and ran wildly on to the streets. She frantically dodged the vehicles in the mad traffic and continued to run. She ran till she was out of breath. Even then, she stopped just briefly to catch her breath before she started up again. She ran all the way out of the city until she reached the highway. On the highway, she slowed to a crawl. She was tired but not tired enough. She sat on rock to take long deep breaths for a little while. She didn’t have water on her or even any money to buy some. She hadn’t thought of anything logical when she started running that morning. She just wanted to run and not think. To further avoid her thoughts, she started up again and ran. It was noon when she decided to head back. She ran, ran and ran all the way back home, till she collapsed on her door step with exhaustion. She dragged her body into bed and fell deep into sleep almost instantly. She just didn’t want to think, today.

2 thoughts on “193 of 365

    1. Haha. Trust me I miss living alone for the range of things people call absurd that you can get away with! 😀

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