191 of 365

If my brain exploded, I could sit face to face with the insides of an unusual breakdown. I wondered time and again about how the insides of my mind reacted when I read and wrote. Chaotic it would be, I was positive. I would have loved to observe the reactions of the lobes of my brain to my thoughts. I would notice a part tingle when I felt the constant urge to write. A wonderful story or a rage filled rant. I would then see another heave as I read the same thought articulated elsewhere. On the Internet, perhaps. I could observe the reactions to my peeks in anger, the drops when disappointed and the numbness when I hit a known dead end. I could then rewire my brain to not go through these range of emotions while seated in front of my laptop with the broken fan inside it whirring in the background. I could then allow myself to not feel discouraged.

Or is there an other non-magical way to do this?

4 thoughts on “191 of 365

  1. The trick might be in viewing yourself as human instead of expecting machine like perfection and neutrality from yourself. The ups and downs are part of the journey and probably add to your individuality 🙂

    1. Haha WOW! I had that image in my head while I was writing!! Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

      The timing is slightly freaky 😀

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