178 of 365

At dusk he wandered out of his cabin in the woods and let out a piercing growl. As his skin peeled off, it revealed an inner layer of the skin. The process was painful and he growled till the transformation finished. It wasn’t his whole body; just his face. The first layer came off leaving him bruised and deep red. His entire face burned till a new layer of skin came back. Every time he got bitter, the first layer peeled off turning him into a beast. This started happening ever since that summer he came to the cabin with his wife, now ex-wife. He was a manic man in those times. She barely tolerated him; he didn’t like her too much either. Coped up in the cabin all summer drove him crazy. He held on to his last sane nerve till he just snapped. He yelled, screamed and growled at her. She did not take it well. On that fateful day, she muttered under her breath before storming out and never returning. He never knew the secret of what she did. But each time he felt an anger and bitterness seething through his blood, his skin peeled off. It took weeks before it healed again and he was sore for the time frame in between.

He remembered when he headed back to his office after the break in the cabin to find divorce papers on his table. He signed them and never saw his wife again. Ever since, when he felt turbulent, the skin peeled. When it happened once in an office meeting, he promptly got fired. They couldn’t handle a volatile person with some skin disorder, they claimed. He returned to the cabin; he felt unsafe and exposed, literally, everywhere else.

Over time, he was able to control his mind from reaching those thoughts and thus avoiding the reaction. But every once in a while, the thoughts got the best of him.

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