167 of 365

I have an unnatural fear of a few things concerning today’s virtual world. I find there is a need to project a kind of happiness, engage in a certain kind of politics and be a certain way. It obviously does wonderful things like bring people together, too. However, sometimes I am terrified of the new form of being over connected and in extension over exposed. Newspapers in the morning have less importance in my life since Twitter. I already seem to know what will be in it. Somehow that scares me. I find there is a certain amount of detachment now with old ways of communicating or finding out information. There is a hurry or a rush to know. To me, the possibility of fatigue seems more possible in the tech part of the world.

I have always loved handwritten letters, visiting the post office and receiving mail by post. I have boxes and boxes of letters, cards, notes from friends, family and loved ones. Even now, finding a letter from an old friend, with a little doodle scribbled on the side, warms my heart. I feel letters and other non-technological methods of communication have a level of intimacy. A feeling that technology and chips can’t seem to replace. Yet, in a lot of our lives we have switched to the quicker modes of communication.┬áMaybe I am just romanticising an alternate way of life. Does technology add a layer of being connected that was previously not possible? Probably.

Maybe, I could keep the best of both worlds and juggle between the fast paced virtual world and the patient intimate real world. I hope that the fast pace of technology doesn’t force me to shut myself out, due to fear of exposure or from the fatigue of seeing too much or from frequent information about devastating events around the world. I just hope.