165 of 365

I found music very annoying when I read. She liked it that way. So each evening before dinner when we both read, music would play in the background. I gritted my teeth and eventually began reading out loud. I reread the same line ten times to register it. I sunk deeper into my chair. After a long time of double sharing a large house, we finally sublet out the third bedroom. My new house mate hated the music too. He preferred metal or house contrary to the melodious classics she played. The type of music bothered him. He didn’t like the peaks and falls in the music perhaps. From what I knew of hard rock, metal or house, it was all just loud. I am sure he would object to my crass classification. For me, however, any music itself disrupted my thinking. I liked silence when I read. He didn’t like to read either though.

“Don’t cringe your nose and unwrinkle your forehead too,” I said. Every single night she sat across from me on the single leather chair and cringed while reading. Today it was Proust. In fact this entire week it had been Proust. She didn’t seem to be making any progress. She must be distracted. Thoughts of her were secondary once the soothing notes took over. Coupled with the smooth prose of Baldwin, she didn’t even belong in the same universe anymore. Our new flatmate was not in sync with us at all. I wonder why Rachel thought he should stay. He hates classical music and pulls a long face. “Go to your room if you hate it this much. Don’t ruin our peaceful routine,” I yelled. I couldn’t care if he didn’t like my tone. Even though he could probably beat me to pulp without much effort. He didn’t leave though. He just sat there and smirked at the two of us reading. I walked out eventually. The music and Baldwin couldn’t drown out the bad energies in that room.

After much hesitation and due to lack of any other decent place, I moved in with two girls. One of them was Indian and the other I didn’t bother asking. They both looked geeky and I was uninterested. Seemed like the perfect house. Plus it was the only one that didn’t look like a calamity had just struck. The downside was that one of them listened to trashy classical music. It bummed me out just listening. I didn’t want to be asocial and stay locked in my room. But the way one of them glared and the other’s yells made me think that hiding in my room seemed like the best option. Before I could walk out, Sandra got up and left. I walked into my room and blared some of my new addictions. I am positive neither of them approved. They must be rethinking subletting me, I laughed to myself.

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