159 of 365

It was the most important day of her life. She knew she had to look stunning. She pulled out her favourite dress from deep within her closet. It was a special occasion which she had waited for a long time. She spent an hour choosing her make up. She painstakingly put on mascara and eye liner. Unusual for her, she even wore red lipstick to match her bright red dress. She rummaged in her cupboard for her diamond ring and bracelet. As a final touch to her outfit, she wore black heels. She decided against wearing her red heels. She couldn’t be in red throughout. Part of her would have to mourn. She let her feet do the job. She checked herself out from top to bottom. She smiled as she loved the way she looked. It might have been a tad overdone but she didn’t linger on that thought. She finally strode over to the garage, pulled out the axe from the deep end and walked towards her car. With a tinge of happiness she said aloud, “It is time for some old school revenge.” With that thought she drove her car to Reena’s house and axed the door down. She didn’t use the axe on her. Just on everything she owned. She stole every single one of her classics and first editions from the shelf before making her way out. She put the books and the axe in the back seat, pulled out the red spray can she had stashed earlier and painted ‘The End’ on Reena’s front door. She drove home with the windows down and loud music in the car. It was fun and memorable day, she thought to herself.


Writing prompt from Picture