154 of 365

Everyone that went into that house never came out. It wasn’t haunted. I was certain about that. It gave out this dark gloomy feel. It irked me why no one ever came out though. Was it a fantasy world hidden behind those doors? One with beautiful lands where equity existed, where nature was its gracious best, where I could perhaps be at ease and peace? Or was it a death trap for the evil ones? I was evil enough right? So, if I went in, the floors would open up and I would probably fall between the cracks in the floor. Be burnt crisp in the process. But it could also be a sound proof party room that all the folks of the town went to enjoy. That seemed not likely though. Why would people never leave a party room? After 5 years of partying everyday, I imagine one was bound to be exhausted. Maybe one got handcuffed to the dance floor and had to keep dancing. Lack of choice once you dare enter sort of thing. That seemed possible. My imagination just worked overtime I think. Maybe there was a back door that I couldn’t see from my kitchen window. I drank my coffee as I mulled over that thought. With that house, anything was possible.