142 of 365

How do you live like this in denial? In a callous fashion. How do you survive? Without a conscience. How do you breathe so freely? Savouring your wishes and yours alone. How are you in harmony with yourself? Without acknowledgement of your pain and forcing your way of life on me. How do you suppress the surfacing guilt? Patronising me with your beliefs.

How do I attain all that I deserve? Without infringing on another. How do I console my self for my apparent digressions? Without victimising my self. How do I manage to think critically? Without letting your opinions tarnish my actions. How do I live my life, free from passing judgement on how you live yours? Pleading myself to not be a hypocrite. How do I allow these contradictions put forth by me to inhabit the same frame? Without losing my way and simultaneously, strengthening my politics.