133 of 365

This post is dedicated to my darling sisters.

Dearest pieces of my heart,

I find it hard to tell you how I feel about you. Words fail me most of the time. But today I feel vulnerable enough to put into writing and record my emotions. I remember when we were younger and much like every other set of siblings we have had our share of ugly fights. Doors were slammed, threats were issued and tears were shed; yet we continued to get close. I don’t remember the exact moment when the switch happened but it has happened.

You two are no longer just my sisters.
You are part of me.
You have helped me fight my battles.
You have been my superwomen.
You have been pillars of strength for eons now.
You have reminded me of the reasons I write (when I forget them).
You painstakingly edited my work, corrected my grammar and told me to not listen to anyone’s bad advice.
You have tried to understand the darkness and often just accepted it.
You have been everything I need, want and could imagine.
And for many other things you have been that I cannot seem to remember now.

For that and more, I am very lucky to have you’ll in my life. I don’t think your marriages will change anything but physical presence. Distance isn’t strong enough to mess with a bond like ours. I am sure we are going to be linked, connected and bonded for a long time to come. You know like those three old ladies who will take trips across the world together leaving our mark everywhere.

Now and always,
Your little one

P.s You cannot blame me. I feel sentimental today.