130 of 365

I like the word wanderer. I find it has an aimless, mindless tone to it. It also adds a bit of mystery and unpredictability. The ‘rer’ at the end makes me roll my ‘r’s which for some inexplicable reason pleases me quite a bit. The randomness attached to the word coupled with the hint in it of a certain pleasure of being lost makes it desirable to me. I am tempted to tag myself with it. It cannot define me, obviously. But it could be used along with other phrases. However, a wanderer is a suitable term for a happy soul. I would think. The word does give me an inkling of warmth. I can’t make up my mind. I like the word, though. It could be how I wish to see myself someday. As a wandering spirit. Free and in control of being perennially lost.