128 of 365

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She loved to sing and roam alone by herself. She would play every evening after school with her friends in the woods. As darkness fell and the moon lit the sky, she would bounce back home. She would even go to visit her great grandmother on the other side of the forest every Wednesday. It would take her two hours of walking to reach the little cottage that old Nancy lived in. The cottage was warm and always filled with goodies, especially her favourite cookies and soda. Old Nancy never stopped her from binge eating. She would even put out rum cakes for little Sarah. Sarah never let her down. She always finished it all.

One wednesday, Sarah didn’t show up at her usual time. Nancy began to get worried.

Somewhere in the middle of the forest, Sarah was face-to-face with a fox. The fox wanted Sarah to feed it. But Sarah had nothing to give. So she apologised and continued on her journey. The fox, but, wouldn’t leave her alone. He kept interrupting her and suddenly he tugged at her red skirt from behind. Furious, Sarah turned on around and kicked the fox. She held him down till he begged her to release her. The terrified fox escaped from under her leg. The fox disappeared from her sight. She merely adjusted her slightly ripped skirt and picked up her red hat, which fell in the struggle, before moving forward.

Nancy hugged Sarah as she told her the story. Nancy assumed she was scared. But the feisty young girl grew only in confidence after the incident. She reassured old Nancy that she wasn’t afraid of a cunning fox or anyone else. She munched on her cookies like it was just another day. As her little adventure spread across the forest, no fox or any other animal dared to tease her.