121 of 365

I have been asked many times why I’m not excited about my sister’s a.k.a my best friend’s wedding that will soon take place. I have been through one of these already (my other sister and also best friend is married) and it was beautiful. I was sad and pleased at the same time. But this is a special occasion, too. Especially because I know the couple really well. They have been together for nearly eight years; I have watched from the sidelines every step of the way. The wedding will be an appropriate celebration of their love, companionship and mutual madness. As much as I believe that she is not leaving the family and he is joining ours, my heart still aches. Even if she were living in the same city as me, a lot will change and I don’t like change.

I have grown up with her under the same roof. We have roomed together. We have grown into the others’ good and bad habits. We know when the other needs space or needs a hug. Even when we lived in separate cities somehow it didn’t seem final. Suddenly, it is not easy to live without all of that. Not to say, our relationship will change now that we don’t live in the same house. 

As I get ready to cry at the second wedding in a row, I find that I’m lucky. Lucky enough to share such relationships that I will be saddened by her departure.

But for now, it is the end of an era; an era where it was always just us at home, an era where we were a team vs the parents and an era where it was sisters before anyone else on this planet. I will miss her terribly. But I must admit that every new beginning is some beginning’s end. So, as she steps out into the scary world of marriage, I wish her nothing but happiness, love and laughter.