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119 of 365

Once upon a time, there was a major controversy that was covered in the news. The news was reported justly and accurately. No assumptions were made. No one else on any social networking site or any online magazine said anything stupid or completely out of context. All the information disseminated made sense. Life was good.


Once upon a time, two women met. They went on many dates, laughed, talked and fell madly in love. They moved in together. They worked very hard, loved their jobs, travelled the world and lived happily.


Once upon a time, a women went to a doctor to get an abortion. The doctor asked her only relevant questions. The doctor did the necessary tests before aborting the baby. It was all legal and safe. In fact every woman had an access to one.Β 


Once upon a time, everybody walked the earth freely. Everyone’s identity was respected. No one was targeted, no one was abused, no one was discriminated against. All humans could not only dream but also fulfill every dream. In fact, due to the harmony that prevailed there was no need for law or order. There was no need even for a justice system. It was a just, free and a peaceful place to be.Β 


Once upon a time, there were many ducklings. They were of different colours and sizes. No one picked or harassed one in particular. They all grew up to be confident of their skins. None of them had any appearance or body image issues. They were all satisfied



Inspired from Fairy TalesΒ . Thank you Neeru for sending it to me.


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