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118 of 365

I felt fury rushing through my veins. Even as my blood pressure peaked, a loud heinous laughter escaped my lips. I felt eccentric. It seemed pointless to sit in the comfort of my room and be annoyed. So, I laughed. As I found myself processing these two extreme emotions, I was partly torn. Yet, I allowed them to co-exist. One of them had to overpower the other, I assumed. The question was, which one would it be? Fury seemed more powerful and overbearing. The laughter died down, eventually. The fury, however, lingered and fed into you. Laughter is relatively the better option. I needed to hold onto the laughter and let the fury go. But the fury drove me. Did this mean I needed both? Then, I need the strength to deal with the fury and the weakness to indulge in the laughter.


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