116 of 365

I went to my terrace to catch a few moments of quiet. This habit has been around for a decade at least. The peace and sanity on the tank has always been my escape from life and chaos; it is mind numbing, too. As I sat there and took in the changing view, I realised a lot more than just this has changed. Until recently, I didn’t own a phone. I would sit up to watch the aeroplanes flying overhead and shout the colours of the lights they flashed. Usually it was a deep red and a bright blue. I can’t believe that at some point such simple things captured my time. Sometimes, I would even have company that would scream one colour and I the other. No other words would be exchanged between us. Even that felt right.

Now, my phone close to never leaves my side. I am slightly too enamored by it. The airport has moved far away. So, aeroplanes grace the skies rarely and my company is even more rare. But that’s not all that has changed. The way I feel when I sit on that cement tank isn’t the same. Yet, there is a familiar comfort to that wide open space. It is a space I have grown to cherish. Perhaps, it is also the space that has seen my thoughts grow and my personality mature.

As I got up to leave, thankfully, it began to drizzle and eventually pour. I stayed longer to enjoy the onset of the monsoons. It seemed cliche but I knew the rain was what I needed in that moment.