111 of 365

I wish the world was a free place..

I wish human kind wouldn’t indulge in violence.. (I wish this many times over!)

I wish human beings didn’t feel an innate need to take revenge..

I wish as human beings we were more forgiving..

I wish the animals had a better chance..

I wish children and young adults were treated as equal, thinking beings..

I wish there was more peace..

I wish as society we didn’t oppress one and another..

I wish we opened our minds to others feelings, emotions and perspectives..

I wish humans wouldn’t destroy humans, animals or any other living organism..

I wish everyone could fulfill their hearts desire without imposing on another’s rights..

I wish we, society, could see women’s rights as human rights..

I wish decisions, policies and schemes would reach those in need..

I wish we could work towards building an inclusive society..

I wish marginalised communities wouldn’t be forced into corners..

I wish humans could collaborate to make this world a better place..

I have begun to see that the simplest wishes and the simplest questions have the toughest and most impossible answers. Much like these wishes, there are many others that I wish for. These few are just a start. I hope through the tiny efforts many of us make everyday, these wishes will come true someday. Someday is a long way off, perhaps. Nevertheless, someday.